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Our Story & Philosophy

Lush Candle was established in 2017 by Jelena Pazaksina. Jelena has previously worked in beauty industry. She started working as hairdresser since was 18-year-old, she has experience more than 17 years. She then realised that she wanted to change her life and career, due to her health she was not able to work as hairdresser.

She started making changes and started with herself. She went through challenges and currently she achieved respectable position in the local community and proud of herself and the jobs she has done. The whole process of running her candle making experience began from falling in love with a candle she come across on one of the websites.

She is still learning process about creating new types of candles. One thing they want to note is that it was not easy to make them however she is determinate to perfecting in making bespoke candles. She would not be able to do it without the support from her friends and family. Her advice to all the people who are starting their own work is not to give up whatever they will face challenges while trying and starting their own work, keep going.

Every candle is made with love and passion to share love and care with other.

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