About Us

About Me

Hello, I’m Jelena Pazaksina, and I have been making and selling Lush candles since 2017.


The whole process of building and running my candle making business began when I fell in love with a candle I came across on a website. I wanted to learn how to create these beautiful things.


Although I’ve learned a wide range of skills over the last four years, I’m still developing and adding new candle types to my offering. Although it’s not always easy, I’m determined to perfect my craft and make the best candles available.


Every one of my candles is made with passion so you can share your love for one another and show you care.


Of course, I wouldn’t be able to do it without the amazing support of my family and friends.

My Story

Before starting my candle business, I worked in the beauty industry, having trained as a hairdresser when I was 18 years old. After seventeen years in the business, I realised that I wanted to change my life and career in part because my health prevented me from cutting hair.


I started making changes, focusing on my development, facing challenges and working to gain the respect of my local community as a businesswoman and craftsperson. It was a challenge, but now I can take pride in the skills I have gained and the work I have done.


My Advice to Candle Makers

My advice to all the craftspeople out there looking to start working for themselves is not to give up, whatever the situation. You will face challenges while starting up and growing your business, but don’t stop trying and keep going.

The Candle-Making process

My candles start life as standard slim taper candles. The candle is then dipped in hot coloured wax then cool water. This is repeated 20-30 times on average in varying colours. This causes thin layers of wax to build up, creating the colour pattern you see after the candle is carved.

After the final coloured layer is applied, the candle is warm and pliable, and I start carving immediately. I have about 10 minutes maximum to complete the hand carved ribbon design. After the design is finished, the decorations are added & a shiny glaze is applied.

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